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[Horde] Configuring Trash for Deleting Email off the Server

Login to Horde Webmail

1. Expand the Options folder by clicking the '+' sign.
click "Mail" to show mail options.
click "Server and Folder Information" to Change mail server and folder settings.
2. In "Server and Folder Information", under "Trash Folder", select "Create a new trash folder".
enter "Trash" as the name of the new folder.
3. Refresh the webpage by pressing control+r or clicking the browser refresh button. This will reveal the new Trash folder.
4. Go to Mail Options again. Click "Deleting and Moving Messages".

Tick the box for "When deleting messages, move them to your Trash folder instead of marking them as deleted?".
In the "Trash Folder" drop menu, select "Trash".
Tick the box for "Display the 'Empty Trash' link in the menubar?".
5. Click "Save Options".
Mail will now go to the Trash folder when deleting and you can empty the trash by clicking the "Empty Trash" button in the top menu.

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